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Community Involvement Activities

It is very important to give back to the community. Here are some of the services and activities I have supported over the years.  I was taught at a young age to help those less fortunate.

Omicron Theta Zeta's Annual Fashion Extravaganza

2012 Taste of the Caribbean - Volunteer Model

Research informs us that there are children in our community struggling to find the money to help pay for college expenses as well as expectant mothers who do not have the resources necessary to have a healthy baby. Therefore, we have made it our goal for 2012 to fulfill the desires of at least two college bound seniors of over 200 applicants and to provide expectant mothers with education and baby supplies at an average out-of-pocket cost of $2,500 per program. You can help to make that happen.

School Court TV Annual Fashion Show

2011 and 2012 - Volunteer Model

School Court recognizes and respects the uniqueness of each child. The primary mission of School Court is to foster a love of learning in each individual student. Our curriculum skillfully weaves artistic, logical, and practical discipline into everyday academics, as well as in life. Students learn to follow their curiosity, to think creatively, be positively aggressive, take control, and finally execution, as well as to work both independently and cooperatively with others.

Operation Welcome Home Maryland

2009 to present - Volunteer Greeter, card making and promotion. Operation Welcome Home Maryland is organized by a group of volunteers that coordinate greeting returning soldiers from overseas assignments. Volunteer opportunities include greeting the troops, making thank you cards and collecting items/money for the "goodie" bags.  For information about how kids can help please contact me. 

Child Health Programs

Whether is be Child Cancer programs or some other program.  You will find me working behind the scenes to help.  I reecently helped at Roll for the Gold for Childhood Cancer Awarness.  But you might find me jumping rope for healthy hearts or wallking to raise money for the cause or answering phones at a radiothon

Food Drives

Collecting food for the homeless out at the local store or out and about at the farmers market, serving food to the homeless, you will find my helping out where ever I can! 

American Heart Association

Volunteering at the Heart Ball, greeting and assisting guests for the past 4 years.

Gaithersburg Book Festival

I have been reading to kids in the StoryTeller Tent for the past four years.

Children's Miracle Network

I have planned several fundraisers to help me reach my goals in raising money to help Children's Miracle Network. I raised at least $500 dollars this year!

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